New website and yes, in SvelteKit


The Drupal content management system has been excellent content management and publishing platform. Our clients' websites have been running on Drupal CMS for many years. Our website, however, started to feel a bit sluggish and the front-end loading times were lagging behind the new front-end tech such as Vue, Nuxt, React and Next.js.


Of course, Drupal CMS, if cached correctly, can deliver very good loading times but we wanted something more lightweight.


That is why we decided on SvelteKit. A super fast, lightweight, small in size and easy-to-learn JavaScript (TypeScript) framework.


So we have rewritten and released our company website in SvelteKit.


Drupal, WordPress and other open-source content management systems are still great options. If superior speed is a must for a web app, however, these CMS systems are probably best in a headless form.


So what's the result of the rebuild? Well, you are looking at it. We have what we wanted: a very fast website, great and free content delivery solution. All we need is one small server on which our website is hosted. And that consequently reduces server costs too.