Artificial intelligence training and integration

We integrate artificial intelligence (AI) models into web apps, and backend systems such as API, CRM, CMS and more. 

We also train AI models so that they are fine-tuned to your business needs.

Whether it is AWS Lambda functions or direct implementation of AI models into your application, we can make this an effortless and affordable experience. 

These are just a handful of examples of how we can help you to integrate AI models into your software: 

  • Customer communication and engagement
    • The content for Help or Frequently Asked Questions on your page can be generated by AI or provided in form of a live feed or chatbot.
    • The contextual messages throughout your website can be provided by AI to engage with the customer. These are welcome messages, product and service suggestions, call for action and more.
  • Text generation and completion
    • Your AI model can generate content (not only) for your website, native app or backend. These are blog posts, company news, newsletter emails, notification messages etc.
  • Image generation and alteration
    • Generate marketing material, logos, backgrounds and photos on-the-fly. 
    • Alter existing images by adding and removing new objects or changing the shape, size and colour of existing objects.
  • Automation
    • Fully automate the process of AI generation.
    • Schedule AI generation for a set date and time in the future.
    • Trigger the AI generation when an event occurs.